Throughout the past few years, I’ve received hundreds of requests for simple golf fixes to nearly every fault imaginable. It was impossible for me to be able to personally answer all these requests, but I so badly wanted to help.

I racked my brain for a while, and it came to me! I wanted to have an affordable way for golfers to “instantly” be able to get the information they needed to fix their faults. That is how my new golf video download site iGolfFixes was born.

I want you to think of it as an itunes for golf, but…I’m not a billion dollar company, so I can’t charge a buck per fix…but… I’ve priced it very fairly at $7.99, and that usually comes with 3-5 separate video tips to fix your fault. So if you took itunes new pricing of $1.29 per song, we’re about even I guess.

The site is new, so there’s just a fraction of the fixes I plan on having. In fact, my goal is to have over 200 individual fixes when it’s all said and done!