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I am going to give you a lesson today that you are not going to forget for a very long time. When people come to me with their putting woes I always ask them one question, if they think putting is a game of distance or direction? Ninety-nine golfers out of a hundred have answered…direction.

By now you probably know I disagree 100%. I believe putting should have been called TOUCH. If I believe so strongly about this then why would I write a BLOG on STOP Pulling Short Putts. It’s simple. The one thing amateur golfers do not do is work on their putting touch.

There are only three things you have to work on to get this right. #1. I don’t care how good your touch is, if you don’t aim the putter where you want the golf ball to go you are never going to make it. The first step is to make sure you are aimed correctly. #2. You not only have to have the putter face aimed in the correct direction you also have to have your feet, knees, hips and shoulders aimed parallel to your target line. Most of the time when you pull your short putts-your shoulders are aimed LEFT of the hole. #3. Now here is the best kept secret in golf. After you are all set up and ready to swing the putter straight back-take a look down at the tips of both shoes. All you have to do is swing the putter parallel to your toe line.

Yes, you are correct. If your toe line is not aimed parallel to the hole it won’t work. However, it won’t take long before you will learn how to aim your toes parallel.

It will take about two or three rounds of golf and you will begin to fill the cup up with those three footers.

Golfingly yours,


Come back tomorrow and I will have a lesson on how to stop hitting your irons fat.